This can change your whole life.

Become a 1% Man


Hamza himself teaches at Adonis School and you can speak with him in his Live Calls.

What you will learn inside...


Level up your Habits, Health & Fitness.


Become an Entrepreneur & Create a scalable online business


Build strong & healthy Relationships.

What is the Adonis School?

The Adonis School is an exclusive online platform that empowers young men. Previously called Adonis Academy.

With guidance from Hamza, engaging lessons, and a supportive community, we focus on self-improvement, financial success, health, and relationships.

What will you get access to?

1. Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Hamza & Other Experts

2. Exclusive Community of people, just like you

3. Classroom: Courses & Guides

If you join today,
you'll get this as well:


Hamza's Aesthetic Body Course

(Worth: $500)

This is a full guide on how to build your dream physique.

40+ Workout Routines that Hamza uses.
50+ exclusive videos of Hamza teaching how to do every exercise.

And a lot more, like Mindset, Training Intensity…


YouTube Video Creation Secrets

(Worth: $1.000)

Hamza sold this course normally for $1.000 alone!

This is a full course on how to make high-performing YouTube Videos.

This course alone basically puts your YouTube account on a new level or you will be able to start a successful YouTube Channel.

Invest in your Future Now!

The cost of Adonis School is not an expense, but an investment in your future.

The knowledge, skills, and network you’ll gain here are truly priceless.

What you pay now is a fraction of the value you receive.

Remember, this price won’t last forever. As we continue to add more value, the cost will inevitably rise.

Don’t be surprised if the next time you visit, the price has increased dramatically.

So, seize the opportunity while it’s within your reach. Be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adonis School stands out with its direct mentorship from Hamza, interactive Q&A sessions, and an engaged community of like-minded individuals.

Hamza himself is going to teach in the Adonis School and not some Randoms.

Consider this an investment in your future. The Skills, knowledge, and network you gain from Adonis School can open doors for you that you thought would never be possible. Even Business and Job wise.

Yes, as we continue to add more value and content to the program, the price will inevitably rise. Lock in the current price by enrolling today.

If you’re a young man committed to self-improvement, personal growth, and success, Adonis School is for you. You’ll find not just lessons, but a community of people who share your goals.

Not at all. We got people from all around the World in the Adonis School. There is a big chance that we got people in it that are even living in the same city as you. You can track that in the “Adonis Map” once you are in.

Exactly. Hamza changed the name from Adonis Academy to Adonis School in the past. If you want to join the Adonis Academy, press the button below.